Bridal Makeup

On your wedding day, it’s all about creating the best possible version of yourself.  And in creating this best possible version, makeup is essential.  First and foremost, it needs to be timeless – both in person and for years to come in your photographs.  Now is not the time to request the ‘Rock Chick’ or ‘Vintage Vamp’ (names perfectly borrowed from Charlotte Tilbury’s fabulous eyeshadow palettes.) I recommend choosing contrasting colors to that of your eye color to really make them pop. Finally, everything needs to last (all day) AND look flawless – both in natural and artificial light – good luck! jk 🙂

Looking your best begins with fresh, flawless skin and drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.  This is the only way to look flawless, naturally.  Use concealer and foundation minimally and blend, blend, blend.  Remember, skin is always in so don’t over do it!  It should be dewy and fresh.  Don’t forget the neck, shoulders and décolletage.  These are all extensions of your face and everything should blend seamlessly.  As for the rest of your makeup, find the right balance between your eyes, lips and cheeks.  A soft, smoky eye with flushed cheeks and a perfectly painted pout are what it’s all about.

As the ever-changing world of digital photography continue to change the face of modern day makeup so should the products your makeup artist chooses to use.  What worked 5-10 years ago, worked 5-10 years ago.  Use those products that work best today!