Fashion Week S/S ’18: The Best Makeup Trends!

Glitter, dewy skin and black eyeliner were the common makeup trends across the globe at Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2018.  While all the trends are beautiful to look at, the best are those we can take to the streets. Check out the look makeup artist Hung Vanngo created here on Selena Gomez for the Coach show.  I spy three trends here; Jason Wu, Derek Lam and DVF.  Read on to see these trends and more.
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Why I love ColourPop Cosmetics!!

ColourPop is all that and so much more! I’ll tell you why but not before I tell you the back story. The brand was born (in 2014), raised (by two siblings), and made in the City of Angels (reason enough to fall in love because anything with roots in California is just, well, fabulous!)   The packaging is fun and eye-catching (like a bag of skittles) with holographic lettering on white tubs and tubes, but it’s the products themselves that do not disappoint.  Inexpensive and enticing with a gazillion colors to choose from in every product category. Read the rest

22DaysNutrition: Eating Vegan

My greatest struggle deals with making the right food choices on a daily basis. I don’t always have the time to prepare something clean and lean. My days are long and my nights are short. If I don’t have something healthy prepared and waiting for me, I’ll spend a few minutes before a meal negotiating. Telling myself it’s okay to eat this crap now because there is always tomorrow. There IS always tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

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Maria Pecoraro: Makeup Artist

They say it’s all in the name and for many years, I was “Makeup Naturally.” A business name that spoke volumes about who I was as an artist. It defined my natural ability and style. A style that quintessentially suited a specific market and anyone wanting to look naturally beautiful. I ran with it, for a while, until I no longer enjoyed executing this one particular style. The hamster grew tired of running on the wheel, if you will, so I decided to take a break. I could do this because I had another career, full-time. Makeup was only something I did for fun. During this break, I thought long and hard about what I wanted for myself and for my future. Did I want to spend the rest of my life behind a desk, or did I want to fully explore my God-given talent? I chose my talent. But that decision didn’t come without setbacks. I would essentially be starting over; starting from square one. Because there are so many career choices in makeup artistry, I had to pick a lane and stay in it. But which lane would I choose? What would it take to get me there? I mean every artist is basically starving, for years, before they become successful. I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew one thing. I knew I possessed the traits necessary to become successful in any career. Traits that were earned and learned through my years of experience, which had nothing to do with makeup.

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OBSESSED with this Mascara!

mascaraIf you want longer, thicker, fuller lashes, this mascara is for you. Heck, (trying to keep this post “clean”) this mascara is for everyone because who doesn’t want all that and a bag of chips from their mascara? Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes is all that and more. The ‘5-star’ mascara promises to curl, separate, and lengthen all the while creating drama and volume – it does just that.

I was very happy with my Gorgio Armani Eyes To Kill mascara until I got a hold of this one. The formula is as rich and glossy as its name, the brush is literally a three dimensional 5-Star, and you can build on it for days. Many mascaras tend to dry up or get clumpy leaving little black flakes behind. Not this one. This one remains silky and firm just long enough for you to achieve your maximum result. After it dries, it mind as well be waterproof because it doesn’t budge.  I am not easily impressed but this one got my panties in a twist.   😉

Give it a go for yourself and let me know what you think.

To Correct AND Conceal: That is the Question…

Mister LightI don’t always have the luxury of spending 45 minutes to an hour with my on-air talent or those dashing off to an appearance. That is when I turn to products offering a dual purpose. With the under eye area almost always in need of correcting AND concealing, I turn to Mister Light. Have you met Mister Light? If not, now is the time! Givenchy Mister Light is a correcting pen infused with two multivitamin charged plant extracts that will surely enhance and enlighten your under-eye area or tired complexion. The lightweight texture is similar to my favorite Clinique concealer and the illuminating effects are comparable to my favorite Tom Ford highlighter.

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Charlotte Tilbury: The Makeup Master

In life we look to our parents for inspiration on how to live up to our full potential. We look to our friends for inspiration on how to connect to society and develop healthy relationships. If you’re an artist, you look everywhere for inspiration, period! Without it we are non-existent. The good thing is inspiration can be found anywhere – while walking through a park, strolling through a museum or reading the latest fashion magazine. KABookUntil his death in 2002, Kevyn Aucoin was my inspiration.  I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life and recognizing exceptional talent was no different.  I remember I paid an exorbitant amount of money for his first book, The Art of Makeup. Largely, because I knew what it could do for me as an artist. This was 1994, 20 years ago, and if you saw this cover published in a magazine today, you wouldn’t think for a minute it was dated. Kevyn was like no other. He was able to transform everyone he touched into the best possible version of themselves. Initially, I learned everything I knew about makeup through his books. When he passed, I, like many others in the industry, felt lost. Not because we couldn’t continue but because his work was on a whole other level and there wasn’t anyone quite like him.

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The Knot New Jersey: Natural Beauty

Beyond honored to be recognized on The Wedding Hot Sheet for “Natural Beauty” in The Knot New Jersey, Fall/Winter 2013!

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Makeup: The Teen Years!

The teen years… definitely a challenging time for you and everyone around you. This is the time when you gain a little more independence and are figuring out things for yourself. Things that weren’t that important before are now catastrophic. This includes your hair, what you wear, and of course, your makeup. Learning some key steps in making up your face will take you places you’ve never imagined. The following will ensure you look as cool as you are and protect you from infection.

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Concealer: The Good, The Bad, and The Bags!

undereye circlesI have received countless requests asking all sorts of questions about concealer. Specifically, how to get rid of those dark circles under the eyes, how to deflate the bags that no one wants to carry around, and the best products to use to accomplish it all. I am pleased to present you with this, my latest post – Concealer:  The Good, The Bad, and The Bags! Your one-stop reference for addressing those concerns. Let’s dive right in. I have good news and bad news. I want to start with the bad so we can quickly put it behind us and focus on the good. The bad news is the circles and the bags are hereditary and there is not much you can do to get rid of them short of seeing a plastic surgeon. The good news is there are products you can use to conceal them and steps you can take to deflate them. I am going to tell you which products are best for concealing different problemed areas and teach you how to apply them so you will always look your best. Let’s get started.

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