A Brow Story: My First Post

This is my first blog post. If you are brow-obsessed, you are going to love it! I hope you find it both useful and helpful. I am so looking forward to reading your comments, listening to your suggestions, and receiving your feedback – I can hardly wait. This is the place where I will talk about and share many things but they will all keep beauty in mind.

I thought I would start off with a brow makeover since everyone’s brows need attention. Today, I met with Josette. She has been a client of mine for years. When it comes to her brows, I have to give her credit. She allows for maximum growth between our visits (8-10 weeks) by not tweezing every new hair she sees. This allows me to follow her natural shape all the while maintaining her desired thickness and defining her arch. You see, when you tweeze in-between shapings you will most likely remove hairs that are needed in order to define your overall shape. Unless a hair is clearly out in left field, you should leave the plucking to your trusted brow expert.

Take a look at Josette’s before and after shots. In the after, her brows are perfectly defined and appear much thicker. There are two reasons for this. By removing haphazardly placed hairs you are allowing your natural shape to shine through, and filling in sparse areas with a shadow or pencil (one shade lighter than your color) instantly gives them fullness.

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