Charlotte Tilbury: The Makeup Master

In life we look to our parents for inspiration on how to live up to our full potential. We look to our friends for inspiration on how to connect to society and develop healthy relationships. If you’re an artist, you look everywhere for inspiration, period! Without it we are non-existent. The good thing is inspiration can be found anywhere – while walking through a park, strolling through a museum or reading the latest fashion magazine. KABookUntil his death in 2002, Kevyn Aucoin was my inspiration.  I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life and recognizing exceptional talent was no different.  I remember I paid an exorbitant amount of money for his first book, The Art of Makeup. Largely, because I knew what it could do for me as an artist. This was 1994, 20 years ago, and if you saw this cover published in a magazine today, you wouldn’t think for a minute it was dated. Kevyn was like no other. He was able to transform everyone he touched into the best possible version of themselves. Initially, I learned everything I knew about makeup through his books. When he passed, I, like many others in the industry, felt lost. Not because we couldn’t continue but because his work was on a whole other level and there wasn’t anyone quite like him.

Several years had passed, it was 2009, and I stumbled upon this Vanity Fair cover. It was like nothing I had ever seen and it sucked me in like a vacuum hose. Penelope Cruz was mesmerizing. PCruz20091Her makeup was incredible to say the least. The photos inside were even more breathtaking. PCruzVF20093I fumbled through the text to find out who created this masterpiece. Her name was Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury….. who was that? Where did she come from? I couldn’t find much more other than more fascinating covers that she was behind. It wasn’t until I headed off to the Jemma Kidd Makeup School in London, UK, with this magazine, that I found out exactly who she was. She was world renowned – the bomb diggity – the woman behind the most beautiful makeup you had ever seen. The woman that now fed my desire to be inspired.

CTSince then Charlotte’s work continues to leave me with my jaw hanging. She shares her most coveted looks and “how to’s” on her website,, and has since launched her own line of makeup. Initially exclusive to the UK, arriving at Selfridges London in September, 2013. For me, this was torture. With a US launch unknown, I knew I had to find a way to get my hands on her products. I did my homework online and entrusted a good friend, who lives in London, to do it for me. Basically, I had her get me one of everything. Needless to say, I’ve been dishing out “The Rock Chick” and “Dolce Vita” for just over a year now and it couldn’t be any more fabulous.  Her products will leave you desperately looking for the girl you’ve always wanted to be. Whether that’s a “Rebel” or an “Uptown Girl” you will find it here in her range of makeup. She has made it quite dummy proof in that you will no longer question what lipstick goes with what blush and what eyeshadow. Every product you will ever need you can find in Charlotte’s new line. Don’t even get me started on her Magic cream. Go try it out for yourself!

IMG_3776Yesterday I was invited to a private breakfast and masterclass with Charlotte at Bergdorf Goodman in New York to officially celebrate her US launch.  Having the opportunity to meet someone who inspires you to be the best you can be is life changing. She is as lovely as she is humbled and she saw something in me that I was convinced was only a figment of my imagination – green eyes. You mean my eyes aren’t brown?  She said, “Darling, let’s give you the “Dolce Vita” to bring out your gorgeous green eyes.” Could I be any more obsessed with this woman?

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