Why I love ColourPop Cosmetics!!

ColourPop is all that and so much more! I’ll tell you why but not before I tell you the back story. The brand was born (in 2014), raised (by two siblings), and made in the City of Angels (reason enough to fall in love because anything with roots in California is just, well, fabulous!)   The packaging is fun and eye-catching (like a bag of skittles) with holographic lettering on white tubs and tubes, but it’s the products themselves that do not disappoint.  Inexpensive and enticing with a gazillion colors to choose from in every product category.

With an average price point of $5 per item, you can buy, try, and move on to the next with no buyer’s remorse. Don’t be fooled, however,  by the cost and think the product lacks quality.   It doesn’t one bit!  The pigments are rich, the textures are creamy, and the stains are satin-y smooth.  Every product deposits evenly and blends flawlessly.  The best part, Colour Pop is bunny approved and not tested on animals.  This makes my little girl, Bailey, (pictured over there) so happy!  I think she’s smiling.

I love all the products, but I do have my favorites.  My favorite of my favorites is the Super Shock Shadows.  Not only are there over 100 shades to choose from but they come in various textures that can be used alone or layered to create any look.  Another favorite,  the Ultra Satin Lip or Lippie Styx.  Why?  Because I know I am going to get an opaque layer of the color I see in the tube.  And a lot of the time that is exactly what I want from a lip product.  You have to work quick though,  like lightning quick.  You can’t be distracted by your phone, the doorbell, or the dog.  That product you started to deposit will dry up like water in a desert.  I like to layer products and right now I’m into a satin lip so I like to top off with a sheer moisturizing crayon or a thin layer of gloss.

What products do you want to try?  Tell me what you’ve decided and let me know what you think. 🙂


Makeup for ColourPop by Nam Vo

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