Maria Pecoraro by Jamie Lee Reardin

Maria Pecoraro began her career with an innate ability and passion to create through makeup artistry and eyebrow design. For more than 15 years, Maria has been committed to elevating her skills and mastering her techniques. She enrolled in the prestigious Jemma Kidd Makeup School in London, UK, and began working tirelessly with private clients in her hometown of New Jersey. It wasn’t long before she landed a full time gig as the makeup lead on a popular morning show in New York. This prepared her for the earliest of call times, and gave her unlimited access to a roster of faces with varying features and skin tones. It also afforded her the opportunity to work closely with countless high-profile personalities and celebrities who were guests of the show.

Maria finds that her most rewarding work lies somewhere between enhancing one’s raw, natural beauty and defining that beauty through the most flattering artistic expression. She is fearless in the creative process, and does so with feather-light strokes and a calming presence. Maria’s keen understanding of color and composition, combined with a refined hand and superb eye for detail, make her the artist of choice for many top agencies and beauty photographers.

Maria lives in Los Angeles.

Drawing by Jamie Lee Reardin, Los Angeles