Brow Shaping: Your Best Brows Now

I love meeting new people whether they are a new client or someone I come in contact with in my personal life.  In either case I find myself getting lost in their brows shortly after the introduction.  The words spewing from their lips become entangled and garbled and all I hear are my thoughts mulling over what she has or hasnʼt done to her brows and what I would do to make them fabulous (please know this process takes place and concludes within seconds and my reinvention goes entirely undetected unless, of course, I am provoked.)  This is what I do, something I am known for, and why I have a cult following.

It is not uncommon for me to hear – after someone learns what I do – “Oh my God, my brows…theyʼre a mess….youʼre looking at my brows, I have to have you do my brows….”  Listen, there is a time and place for everything.  We all have busy lives.  We all get caught with our pants down once in a while.  Just know there are steps you can take to get the most out of your relationship with your brows.

First, put those tweezers down.  If you cannot control your plucking, bury your tweezers in the yard or donate them to your favorite charity.  The average life span of a brow is approximately four months.  Thankfully, not all hairs fall out at the same time.  This is also true for growth. This is why a hair that was once there is no longer and you really had nothing to do with it. Repeated removal of a hair sends a message to the follicle that it is no longer wanted.  Over time the follicle gets the message and doesn’t grow back!

Second, there are no trends to follow when it comes to brow shaping.  Letʼs talk about Twiggy, that gorgeous 60ʼs model with the crescent smiley-shaped brows.  Well, letʼs just end it there – no IQ needed to know that wasn’t a good look.  How about Brooke Shields?  She wore her brows naturally in the 80ʼs.  Well, that worked…… in the 80ʼs.  Then there was Pamela Anderson.  A last-ditch effort to bring those thin crescents back in the 90ʼs.  Letʼs just say no one was looking at Pamela Anderson for her brows.

Third, seek professional help.  Would you walk into a hair salon and choose a stylist at random? (Well, some people would but youʼre not one of them, if youʼre reading this post.)  Of course not so why would you entrust your brows to just anyone? Whomever you choose should be a master at her craft.  Ask to see photos of her work and donʼt be afraid to run for the hills if she takes out a stencil or talks about shaping your brows based on the shape of your face.

Lastly, just know no one has perfect brows.  A little filler is almost always needed.  Soft strokes that mimic the natural hairs are the least obvious.  Always use a color one to two shades lighter than your natural brow color.

What has taken all this time and what we know now is the best brows now are not too thin or too thick.  The best brows now are your brows shaped to perfection!  I don’t recommend maintaing them yourself.  However, you will need a few good tools to maintain them in between each shaping.  These are my must-haves:

Having your brows professionally shaped just might be the sanest and most cost-effective way to reinvent yourself. After all, well shaped brows have the ability to lift everything from your face to your mood in just one session, and who out there couldnʼt use a lift?

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