To Correct AND Conceal: That is the Question…

Mister LightI don’t always have the luxury of spending 45 minutes to an hour with my on-air talent or those dashing off to an appearance. That is when I turn to products offering a dual purpose. With the under eye area almost always in need of correcting AND concealing, I turn to Mister Light. Have you met Mister Light? If not, now is the time! Givenchy Mister Light is a correcting pen infused with two multivitamin charged plant extracts that will surely enhance and enlighten your under-eye area or tired complexion. The lightweight texture is similar to my favorite Clinique concealer and the illuminating effects are comparable to my favorite Tom Ford highlighter.

When, where and how do I apply, you ask?  It’s simple – after your prep and foundation, to those areas needing correcting/brightening and right from the pen.  If you are “20 something” or blessed with minimal needs, your ring finger can assist you in applying. Lightly press and pat until the product seamlessly blends into your skin.  If you are mature or in need of full coverage (but still blessed), I recommend applying the product with a concealer brush.  Some of my favorites are the MAC #217, the Sigma P86 and the Hakuhodo G542 Concealer L.  Just pat and blend until the darkness fades to light.

If you try it, I hope you like it – let me know what you think!




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