Makeup: The Teen Years!

The teen years… definitely a challenging time for you and everyone around you. This is the time when you gain a little more independence and are figuring out things for yourself. Things that weren’t that important before are now catastrophic. This includes your hair, what you wear, and of course, your makeup. Learning some key steps in making up your face will take you places you’ve never imagined. The following will ensure you look as cool as you are and protect you from infection.

Rule #1: DO NOT let your friends use your eye makeup. Unless, of course, you want Conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Rule #2: If you want to wear eyeshadow, you must wear mascara. They are like an old married couple, one can’t go out without the other.

Rule #3: If you want to wear eyeliner without looking crazy, line your lower inner rims only. Drawing straight lines on your upper and lower lids will take some practice.

Rule #4: Forget blush. You’re a teen for crying out loud. As soon as he looks at you, you’ve got blush!

Rule #5: Stick to lip gloss. This is what everyone else does and besides, some come in really cool flavors.

Rule #6: Brows. My site is full of helpful information on how to achieve your best brows now – check it out!

IMG_3144There you have it. You’re on your own kid. Unless, of course, you are celebrating your Bat Mitzvah. This is the time to seek professional help. You see Marley¬†over here on the right? Look how good she looks. She’s 13, celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, and rockin’ some serious makeup. Age-appropriate makeup that is (your mom and dad love that part).


Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen! OMG, you’re driving! This is the time for Sweet 16’s, Junior Prom, and Prom. The time when you can totally take your look to the next level. You can wear as much or as little as you’d like. When makeup is applied correctly, it will look good. Check out Allie over here on the left. Makeup does not consume her. She’s happy going out with a little bit of gloss. Taking that into consideration, I created a look that she can wear with confidence while looking totally amazing.

You’ve got a lot of major happenings from the time you turn 13 until you’re off to college. The professionals are here for you and most importantly, your mom. Give them a call.





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