You were born with the most perfect brow shape that truly frames your face. Hopefully you spent much of your young, adult life enjoying them as opposed to over-plucking and destroying them. If you chose the later, dig out a picture of yourself from the 7th grade and work on growing and getting those brows back.  It may take time.  Like months and sometimes years but it will happen.  If yours are fully grown in and just need a proper shaping, take the time to find a brow professional who will take your brows to a whole other level!


If you are having a hard time getting back your brows that once were, grab a pen and follow the diagram on the right. This chart shows you where your brows should begin, arch and end.  Next, invest in a good brow filler to fake it till you make it. I have a couple of favs but right now I’m obsessed with using YBBB by It Cosmetics on everyone!  It comes in every shade and mimics real hair when applied with soft brush strokes. Your objective is to create depth by applying small, feather-light strokes in a color that is at least a shade or two lighter than your actual brow color. Never choose a color that is the same or slightly darker than your natural brow color. This will only age and out-date your appearance.

I definitely do not recommend shaping them yourself. Only a professional knows what to cut, wax and/or tweeze and can show you where to use filler. The end result should look natural, as if you were born this way. You should look refreshed, more youthful and leave wondering whether or not you just went under the knife.

Brow shaping is an art and cannot be executed beautifully by just anyone. I have never had any formal training, but I can confidently turn the scraggliest brow into a sculpted masterpiece.

I love talking brows. To read more of my thoughts on brows and find my complete list of must-have tools, visit “Your Best Brows Now” posted on my blog.